Funding for Charities – Good Donor Relations

Marc Pitman, aka The Fundraising Coach and I got together to talk about funding for charities and common mistakes charities make in their relationships. What I love about Marc’s approach is the humanity he brings to his work – and that he asks of each of us to bring to ours too.

I can imagine that the $10 test Marc talks about in the video, where he and his colleagues each send 10 $10 donations to charities to see how they respond, has a few of you wondering how you could possibly put resources and time into responding to a donation of $10.

My mail is filled with solicitations for donations from organizations I’ve never given to. And never will. Someone who has bought from you or donated to you is 20x more likely to buy from you again. That’s a qualified lead – one that’s much better to have some kind of return than someone in some neighbourhood somewhere who’s front porch is filling up with junk mail from charities she will ignore ever more.

So figuring out how to thank all donors, no matter how small, is not only doing the polite thing; it may actually be pure self interest. Want to learn more from Marc or hire him to help your board, staff or volunteers learn how to ask without fear? Check out his site, The Fundraising Coach.


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    I would like to vote for Oceanic Awareness Collaboration (OAC). Two 22 yr olds started this non prioft, and they raised about 12,000 with their first art show last Feb. They donated the funds to Guided Discovery to give poor children with a desire to learn about the Ocean a chance to attend CIMI (Catalina Institute of Marine Biology)camp this summer.The two are currently planning a kyack fund raiser in the Pacific Ocean this August. They will be kyacking from Catalina Island to Huntington Beach Shore. This will not be an easy task. They are looking for sponsors to help fund the event. Please let me know how to sign them up and vote for them on your web page. Thanks! Michelle



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