I believe a rising tide lifts all boats. I want to share with others some of what I have learned over the last 15 years working in PR. PR is changing, and I’m glad for that. This brave new technological era gives us many more storytelling tools. But it also calls for greater accountability, and I think that is a very good thing.

For too long, simply saying something loud enough and long enough let opinions become fact and messages become truth. Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant and an older, dying model of PR had too often been a contaminent.

But it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t ever have been. At its best, PR is honest and helpful. It aligns its corporate goals with the best interests of its publics, recognizing they must go hand in hand. And one of its functions should be as an organization’s conscience, asking the same questions from the inside that a disaffected audience would ask from the outside. As someone in the practice of public relations, I believe part of my job is to be the public’s advocate.

I work for Babble On Communications where we help good people get great PR. I’m not kidding when I say good people. Some of them are on the front lines of funds working tirelessly to save kids from terrible diseases or causes helping to get impoverished elders off the streets. Some engage families through the very best that children’s television has to offer.

Other build movements that change bad laws and bring greater accountability to business and government. Others have products that make lives easier, happier and more fulfilled.

I have had the great privilege of booking clients repeatedly on some of the top media outlets in the world, including The Today Show, The New York Times, The View, Ellen, AP, Reuters, The National, Canada AM, and have worked with local journalists across North America in big and small markets.

I am a storyteller. Always have been. I additionally write and produce for television, working with the ever so creative Mike Erskine-Kellie who heads up the creative division at Babble On. I started my career as an Equity and Actra actor, but I found out rather quickly I liked being behind the camera more than being in front of it, and that more than anything, I loved engaging the world in the stories of people doing meaningful things.

So that’s how I got here. I have some helpful PR advice on my YouTube channel and you can browse this site for tips to help you use PR to grow your business or cause. And sign up for my newsletter where I’ll frequently talk to some of the world’s PR and Social Media Experts, bringing you helpful information as I go.

And by all means, come visit our Babble On Communications website for additional information on what we do.

You can reach me at susan at babbleoncom dot com.


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